Study Abroad Scholarships Awarded Spring 2016

December 7, 2015

The Cedar Falls Community Foundation has announced that three scholarships will be awarded Spring Semester 2016 from the Robert Eller Study Abroad Endowment.

The Robert Eller Study Abroad Endowment was established by emeritus UNI Education Media Specialist Robert Eller to foster the educational, professional and personal growth of an undergraduate student at the University of Northern Iowa by providing funds to support a semester or a year of study outside the United States for students whose previous travel and study abroad experiences have been limited.  Applications are accepted by the Study Abroad Center and reviewed by the University of Northern Iowa Emeritus Association scholarship committee.

Spring Semester 2016 scholarships have been awarded to Alexis Kritenbrink, Paige LaPlant and Zach McGill each in the amount of $1,500.00.

Alexis Kritenbrink is a junior from Lytton, Iowa, studying Communicative Sciences and Disorders at the University of Northern Iowa.  Her study abroad will be at the University of Newcastle in Australia, which offers courses that she could not find elsewhere.  Alexis said, “I will get to see the differences between the views and practices of speech language pathologists in the United States versus in Australia. It will be beneficial to have experience working with people with different dialects and accents because I will see a lot of that in my future career as a speech pathologist.  I am excited to eventually be able to take the knowledge I will learn in Australia and combine it with what I have already learned here at UNI.”

Paige LaPlant is a sophomore from Sioux City, Iowa, studying Earth and Environmental Sciences at UNI.  Paige’s study abroad program will take her to Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.  Paige noted, “My majors, Earth Science and Environmental Science, are very dependent on field experiences and careful observation of the world, rather than the textbook.  My career goal is to be a geologist and New Zealand is full of geological findings:  caves, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, an active fault line, and more.”  Paige plans to fully immerse herself in the New Zealand culture, and believes her Anthropology minor will benefit from learning about the country’s unique history and culture.

Zachary McGill is a junior at the University of Northern Iowa, a native of Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Zachary’s study abroad will also take place at the University of Newcastle, in Australia.  Zachary is excited about experiencing a new culture and looking forward to a diverse class schedule while in Australia.  An English major, Zach said, “I look forward to absorbing this new atmosphere while studying in my field – picking up on new idiosyncrasies of a language similar, yet linguistically different from my own.”

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