October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month!

March 28, 2022

August 2021

The Cedar Falls Community Foundation will join in a nationwide recognition in October of the importance of estate planning to assist the general public to establish and keep their estate plans current. When you decide the time is right to make a charitable gift(s) to your favorite nonprofit organization or cause, don’t assume that just writing a check it the only option. You have a wide variety of techniques and assets to use to fund charitable gifts.   


Outright Gifts-Make a gift by direct transfer to a charity with no strings attached. Among the assets you can give outright are cash, checks, real estate, stocks, bonds, and life insurance.  


Transfer by Will, Trust, or Beneficiary Designation-Give assets to the Foundation at your death through your will, living trust or beneficiary designations on your life insurance and retirement plans. You could also consider naming charities as alternate beneficiaries behind your initial choices.  



The Cedar Falls Community Foundation is a nationally accredited community foundation working with donors to make a difference in Cedar Falls.  The Cedar Falls Community Foundation is located inside Farmers State Bank, 6th and Main Street, Cedar Falls, and is accessible by appointment, phone 319.243.9170, email: CFCF@cfu.net, and website: www.cf-communityfoundation.org.