2022 Grant Recipients

August 4, 2022

The Cedar Falls Community Foundation has awarded $44,300 in grants to area non-profits and childcare facilities. Applications for these grants were accepted from April 1st through June 30th and were approved by the organizations board of directors the fourth week in July. Funding for the grants came from the Rownd Trust, the Diamond Arts and History Fund, and the CFCF Children and Families Fund.

Cedar Valley Preschool and Childcare will receive $2,300 from the Children and Family Fund. The funding will be used to purchase replacement chairs and tables for children so that safety can be maintained at the highest level. This institution has been providing a safe, engaging, and nurturing environment for the past 51 years! Children from various family styles, economic circumstances, diverse cultures, and with different capabilities are served at the Cedar Valley Preschool and Childcare facility so that parents can attend work or school with peace of mind.

The Learn and Play Preschool and Daycare LLC will receive $5,000 from the Children and Family Fund to repair sidewalks and fix drainage issues which have posed a risk to anyone entering and exiting the building. While at this facility children are engaged in educational and developmental programs that allow them to grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. They are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment that is supplemental to the care they receive from their family unit.

MercyOne Cedar Falls Foundation will receive $5,000 to support the Bluebell Road Health Plaza OB/GYN expansion from the Rownd Trust. This expansion means proper care will be more accessible for women in Cedar Falls. Because of this, women will be able to receive personalized care through comprehensive services that are dedicated to the growing population of younger families.
This foundation is dedicated to helping people and communities live their best life through keeping individuals’ health at the highest priority. MercyOne was founded in 1998 and has been serving the Cedar Valley ever since.

Southdale IMPACT will receive $10,000 for the Cooper Lins Memorial Project from the Rownd Trust. Funding will be used to help construct a playground in honor of Cooper Lins a 7-year-old boy who attended Southdale Elementary until his passing in February 2022. This project will capture his energetic spirit while providing a safe place to play for the entire community.
The Southdale IMPACT is dedicated to providing enrichment opportunities through physical activity and exercise for the students at Southdale Elementary as well as all other members of the Cedar Falls Community.

The Cedar Falls Woman’s Club will receive $10,000 for new kitchen flooring from the Rownd Trust. Their mission is to provide members with the opportunity to learn, serve, and volunteer through civic events. Many organizations and businesses have had the opportunity to meet, grow, and serve the community because of this house. Many individuals and families have also used this space to gather for special events as well. By repairing the kitchen flooring the Cedar Falls Woman’s Club will be able to continue to foster community engagement and enhancement through the use of their house for the community.

The University of Northern Iowa Foundation will receive $3,000 to fund the Suzuki Orchestra Tour from the Diamond Arts and History Fund. The Northern Iowa Junior Orchestra and the Northern Iowa Youth Orchestra will each be going on a one-day tour. This will provide concerts to arts-underserved populations that do not usually have access to orchestra concerts. It also encourages students to pursue musical studies by featuring performances by others of similar ages. The University of Northern Iowa Foundation serves with the purpose to grow and sustain private resources and builds relationships to support the students, faculty, staff, and programs of the University of Northern Iowa. The Suzuki Music School was established in 1976 and seeks to enrich the lives of children and adults through the study of music.

The Cedar Falls Historical Society will receive $9,000 from the Diamond Arts and History Fund. These funds will be used to renovate a new building for the Historical Society to improve on the current services the offer. A classroom will be constructed to accommodate twice as many individuals as the previous one. Additionally, a museum which celebrates business, industry, agricultural, and transportation development in Cedar Falls will also be renovated. This new space will allow citizens to have a space to gather and learn about the city’s heritage in a new and enriched way. The Cedar Falls Historical Society’s goal is to keep Cedar Falls heritage alive by engaging the public preservation, education, and celebration of our history.

The Cedar Falls Community Foundation
The Cedar Falls Community Foundation (CFCF) is a nationally accredited community foundation working with donors to make a difference in Cedar Falls. The Cedar Falls Community Foundation is located inside Farmers State Bank, 6th and Main Street, Cedar Falls, and is accessible by appointment, phone 319.243.9170, email: director@cf-communityfoundation.org, and website: www.cf-communityfoundation.org.