Judith Harrington

October 17, 2022

Judith Harrington is well known in Cedar Falls for her career at UNI and her numerous community volunteer contributions. After being a part of this community for so long, she knew leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come was the right thing to do. “I wanted to honor organizations in Cedar Falls, where I came in the mid-1960s intending to stay for only a year or two, then becoming my home throughout nearly 40 years at the University of Northern Iowa and continuing through my retirement.”

That’s why Judith chose to work with the Cedar Falls Community Foundation to establish an endowment fund. “The Cedar Falls Community Foundation was the perfect solution!”, she said. Working with Foundation officers and her personal attorney, she was able to determine where her estate would be distributed and ensure that she can be confident that her gift will be well-managed and able to continue to support the local entities that are important to her!

Judith is happy to know that her gift will have an impact on Cedar Falls for generations to come and that she can continue to support the causes she cares about well into the future!