Previous Award Recipients

Previous Award Recipients

  • Erasmus D. Adams

    Erasmus D. Adams

    Melendy Spirit Award Recipient Posthumously, 2021 Award accepted by great-great-grandson, Paul Adams Tribute by Cynthia Sweet The founding of Cedar Falls is almost always attributed to one man, William Sturgis, who arrived here in 1845 and named the settlement Sturgis Falls. Sturgis however, was accompanied by his brother-in-law Erasmus Adams, …Read More »
  • Rosemary Beach

    Rosemary Beach

    Melendy Spirit Award Recipient 2021 Rosemary Beach is a treasured citizen of Cedar Falls.  Throughout her long residence in Cedar Falls, she has seized opportunities to become involved in countless ways and in many organizations.  Rosemary says it has all been fun, but her fun has made a lasting impact …Read More »
  • Dennis A. Downs

    Dennis A. Downs

    Melendy Spirit Award 2020 Tribute to Dennis A. Downs by Judith Harrington, Cedar Falls Community Foundation Board of Directors Video Tribute The Melendy Spirit Award is presented to individuals, families, groups, or organizations, both living and deceased, who have made outstanding contributions to Cedar Falls, positively affecting our overall quality …Read More »
  • The Sturgis Falls Celebration

    The Sturgis Falls Celebration

    The Sturgis Falls Celebration is a Cedar Falls nonprofit that has organized a community wide festival annually since 1976. The Sturgis Falls Celebration is planned and implemented by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, each with specific responsibilities which they oversee during the year as well as during the Celebration weekend. …Read More »
  • The Streeter Family

    The Streeter Family

    The Streeter Family was recognized for multiple generations of one family who have positively impacted Cedar Falls. Zimri and Lucinda Dean Streeter settled in Cedar Falls in 1852 and they and their descendants positively impacted Cedar Falls through contributions in the areas of politics, arts and culture, professional life, development …Read More »
  • Joan Diamond

    Joan Diamond

    Joan Diamond has been an active volunteer in Cedar Falls for over fifty years, generously sharing her time, talents, and resources to make a difference in the community and its artistic, historical, and philanthropic organizations. Joan Englund was born 3 February 1929 at Galesburg, Illinois, the daughter of William D. …Read More »
  • Theresa (Wangler) Sartori

    Theresa (Wangler) Sartori

    Theresa (Wangler) Sartori was an exemplary wife and mother. This was expected of every woman born in 1833. Her youth in Germany is largely undocumented except for the plain fact of her birth, as a daughter of Konrad Wangler, burgomeister, of Baden. At age 19, she attracted the admiration of …Read More »
  • Herman Casewell Hemenway

    Herman Casewell Hemenway

    Cedar Falls Community Foundation 2015 Peter Melendy Award Nominees for the Peter Melendy Distinguished Community Builder award have made outstanding contributions to the City of Cedar Falls, voluntarily contributing time, energy, knowledge, skills and support beyond the scope of their professional practice, that has enhanced, improved or positively affected the …Read More »
  • Liane Christoffersen Nichols

    Liane Christoffersen Nichols

    Cedar Falls Community Foundation 2015 Peter Melendy Award Liane Christoffersen Nichols is the 2015 recipient of the Peter Melendy Community Builder Award. A lifelong resident of Cedar Falls, Liane exemplifies the community spirit championed by Melendy. Liane was born and raised in Cedar Falls, the only daughter of Iver and …Read More »
  • Roxie L. Hart Taylor

    Roxie L. Hart Taylor

    2014 posthumous Peter Melendy Community Builder award It is often difficult to document the contributions of pioneer women. Their surnames are lost to marriage and they were rarely mentioned in the local newspaper or history books. One of our first pioneer women however, has been remembered because of her importance …Read More »
  • C. Hugh Pettersen

    C. Hugh Pettersen

    Cedar Falls Community Foundation 2014 Peter Melendy Award The 2014 Peter Melendy Distinguished Community Builder Award is presented to C. Hugh Pettersen for his visionary ideas and dedication to the community. Much of what Hugh did was done quietly, behind the scenes, such as offering to pay to have the …Read More »
  • Ella Cotton Rownd

    Ella Cotton Rownd

    Ella Cotton Rownd has provided the community of Cedar Falls with an outstanding example of how one individual can have a long term impact on the quality of community life while also caring for her family. Ella’s careful estate planning insured that her family was provided for and that her estate …Read More »
  • Vilas L. “Sid” Morris

    Vilas L. “Sid” Morris

    The hallmark of this 2013 awardee is “selfless willingness” – his own and that which he inspires in others. The 2013 Peter Melendy Distinguished Community Builder Award is presented to Vilas L. “Sid” Morris for extraordinary dedication to this community by volunteer service and by motivating others to participate in …Read More »
  • Solomon Barrick Humbert

    Solomon Barrick Humbert

    Quotes are excerpted from Since I Started for the War: The Letters and Diary of Solomon Barrick Humbert Co. B, 31st Iowa Volunteer Infantry by Jeanine Humbert Johnson and Cynthia Huffman Sweet, (Cedar Falls, Iowa, 2007). Solomon Barrick Humbert was born in Potter, Yates Co., New York on 30 May …Read More »
  • Judith A. Cutler

    Judith A. Cutler

    The 2012 Peter Melendy Distinguished Community Builder Award is presented to Judith Cutler for extraordinary dedication and service to the enrichment of the lives of the citizens of Cedar Falls. Judi’s background in our community was first noted on July 23, 1974, when she was employed by the City of …Read More »
  • John Milton Overman

    John Milton Overman

    John Milton Overman was born in 1817 in Highland County, Ohio, the eldest of eleven children born into the Quaker family of Elias and Sarah Cowgill Overman. Elias and Sarah moved their family from Ohio to Muscatine County, Iowa in 1842 where Elias established a farm. John Overman also farmed …Read More »
  • Nancy Ellen Jones Redfern

    Nancy Ellen Jones Redfern

    Nancy Ellen Jones was born July 21, 1921, in Wheatland, Wyoming, the only child of Isaac Benson (I.B.) and Maude Roys Jones. Less than two years later, her mother passed away. Her father, with a University of Nebraska engineering degree, traveled through the far west, Mexico and Latin American to …Read More »